Hello Beauty !!

Today I want to show you the bracelets I have from the online store BDM ( fashion jewelery ), in which you can also find necklaces and earrings in addition to bracelets.

The first one is a Black Triple Rope Leather bracelet 2.0 with many ornaments that I love how they look.
The bad thing is that for people who have very little doll it will not be good, because it can not be adjusted and they have a little left over.
Colorful fluor bracelet this summer, I love to go to the beach. The butterfly is green but when the sun gives it it looks like fluor. It is an ideal bracelet for summer.
Sidney bracelet, thread and pendant Fatima: ahh do not tell me it is not pretty, those who have followed me for a long time know my madness by the hands of fatima, I wrote a post HERE brief summary: according to the legend comes from Arabic and if you get it, it protects you from misfortune in general and from the evil eye.
Makes bad energies stop in the palm of your hand, protects against disease and attracts good luck. And with all this that I have told you if you do not have one to which you are waiting, you have seen that pretty bracelet for ONLY 1 EURO!
And as not another fatima hand hehe. What bracelet of fashion jewelery do you like the most? kisses