La Caseta Dolca, original cookies.

Hello Beauty !!
Today I wanted to tell you about La Caseta Dolca , it's an online cookie store. But not ordinary cookies and not, they are pretty cookies, with thousands of shapes that will surprise you.
In the Dolca booth they make cookies from those that are eaten with the sight and for any occasion, for a wedding, birthday, communion, Valentines for any date. And the most important thing you know, what is it? That is always right with this type of gifts.

What kind of cookies can we find in La Caseta Dolca?

I show you some models of the cookies from La caseta dolca of those that I liked the most about their website:
The first cookie that I show you is this precious bag, so I die when I saw this cuteness , if it is painful to eat it, they give it to me and it would be bad because I would be unable to eat it.
To all ages look at that cookie hello kitty, to the smallest sure they like it, good and the great too.
And for all tastes, for bachelorette parties, for some laughs, good pechotes:
And I show you the ones I've eaten, what a shame it gave me to eat my shoe hehe.It is a cookie decorated with different fondant , ideal for a gift and surprise.
The truth is that the cookie is beautiful, but to me its taste did not taste much, it tasted like plastic.

Almond and pine nut cookies, and these are great. They have a mild flavor that will make you want to eat many more.

I think they are a good way to make a beautiful, economical and original gift.

What do you think of the original cookies from the dolca house ? kisses