What is in the suitcase?

Hello girls!
Now that we are in the summer, many of us are the ones who pack our bags and also the headaches with him. I forgot something? haha, I leave a list with things that we can take to the beach so we do not forget anything.

What to carry in the suitcase

How to make the suitcase! !

Take the essentials do not fill your bag with " just in case " that in the end you do not use them for nothing:
- Pants
- T-shirts
- Sandals/flip flops
- High heels
- Skirts
- Underwear
- Bikini/swimsuit
- Dress
- Pajama

and what is more important take some long sleeves because although we are in the summer sometimes at night it refreshes and we do not want to die of cold. div>


Here comes the big problem because many of us want to take the whole house (if you have small boats or samples are the best option to carry everything and not die trying)

- Shampoo/Gel
- Brush/Toothpaste
- Moisturizer/Body/Sun protection/Aftersun
- Comb/brush
- Dryer and iron (look if you have it in the hotel and if it is a weight less)
- Handkerchiefs/wipes
- Deodorant
- Makeup (the essential thing we leave the "for if anything ")
- Tweezers/nail clippers/small scissors
- Cologne
- Enamel/nail polish remover

- Mobile
- Charger
- Book
- Mp3
- Camera of photos
(do not take computers that I remind you that we are going on vacation :-))

Other things:
- Documentation
- A padlock for luggage never hurts
- Money
- Bags
- Pills
- Sunglasses/contact lenses
- Cap
- Belt
- Balloon/paddles, mats ...
- Lantern
- Ear plugs
- Jewelery/watch
- Bag

Tricks to save space in a suitcase: If we roll the pants and shirts take up less space in addition to wrinkle less. The same with the socks we can enter the shoes or shoes to save space in the suitcase.
But what happens if after all this wrinkles our clothes? Tranquility that does not panic! while you shower, put it in the bathroom with the water vapor will probably not all but most of them go.

And do you have a trick for the suitcase ? Kisses